How to Care for your Silver


At Wisana Sterling Silver, we are committed to provide you with high quality jewelry that will bring you joy for years to come. Buying silver jewelry can be very confusing as silver isn’t always just silver. You will likely come across many different silver jewelry pieces, but you may not know what materials you are buying. There are pros and cons for all variations, and if you know what you are buying, you will be able to choose the right product for yourself.



At Wisana Sterling Silver, we are highly committed to be fully transparent with our products and all our listings clearly specify the materials they are made of.  


Here are some of the most common silvers and how to care for them:


Pure Silver:

Pure silver is made of 99.99% silver. Pure silver consistency is much too soft to form jewelry out of, hence silver jewelry is always blended with other materials such as aluminium, copper or zinc.


Thai Silver (Bali Silver):

Thai Silver also known as Bali Silver is 97.5-99% pure silver. The high silver content makes it softer to work with and it does not tarnish near as easily as other materials. 


Gently polishing your Thai Silver jewelry with a silver cloth is all that is required to renew it's brilliance and shine.


Sterling Silver (925 Sterling Silver):

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal. It is the most common product to make high quality silver jewelry and with a little care, it can last many years.  


Sterling silver, like other precious metal alloys, can oxidize with time. But if you care for your pieces properly, they will reward you with a long and shiny life.

Clean your sterling silver jewelry with a mild soap and water solution, allowing the water to bead up, and then patting dry with a soft cloth. For more stubborn dirt, use a cleaner designed for silver use.

Store your silver in a cool, dry place, preferably in a tarnish-preventive bag or wrapped in a soft piece of felt or cloth. Make sure your silver is not exposed to air and light during storage, keep it in a cool, dry and dark place.

Store pieces individually so that they don’t knock together and scratch.

Do not rub silver with anything other than a polishing cloth. Tissue paper or paper towels can cause scratches because of the fibers in these products.

Don’t wear sterling silver in chlorinated water or when working with household chemicals.

To remove any tarnish rubbing with a silver cloth is all that is required to renew the brilliance and shine.


Silver Plated:

Silver plated jewelry is made of a base metal such as copper which is covered with a thin layer of Sterling Silver on the outside. This gives the effect of silver without having the value of silver. If silver plated jewelry is worn regularly chances are the outer silver layer will wear off.


Place a sheet of aluminium foil in a shallow plastic or glass bowl. Sprinkle 2 tbsp. of baking soda and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt onto the foil.

Put your silver-plated jewelry on top of the foil. Pour hot water into the bowl, on top of the jewelry.

Cover the bowl and wait 5 minutes. Remove the cover and take out your jewelry. The foil, baking soda and salt (which must be dissolved by the hot water) creates a reaction that removes the tarnish from the silver.

Completely dry your jewelry and store in a dark, dry place.


Zinc Alloy:

Zinc alloy is a very common and popular material for jewelry components due to its versatility. Alloys can contain a lot of different elements. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend you wear zinc alloy pieces over your clothing or only for short periods at the time.


Like most metals, zinc alloy can tarnish and discolour. Numerous factors such as metal content, finishing and exposure can influence the time frame for discoloration. Therefore, discoloration can happen very quickly or take several months. To help avoid discoloration and tarnish, your zinc alloy jewelry should never be subjected to wet conditions, and when not in use, store in cool, dry and dark place.

To remove tarnish and discoloration you can use common toothpaste. With a soft bristle toothbrush lather the toothpaste directly onto your jewelry. When your piece is clean, make sure you wash off all toothpaste and dry it properly.


Look after your beautiful pieces and they will reward you with years of shine!